So I tested the first time this cycle a week ago, just to make sure it can up negative and that the trigger shot was out of my system.  BFN!  Boy and I glad that I did!!  I tested Saturday and got a super faint line, tested Sunday (like 8 times) and got positives, plus used a FRER and got a positive, and a digital and it came up with  PREGNANT!  I still don't believe it!  I tested again this morning, and surprise surprise, positive!  I'm not very good at keeping secerets when it's something that I know people will be excited about, so DH and I talked about it and we went and told my mom and dad last night.  We gave them cards.  My dads was a grandparents to be card, and moms had a kangaroo on the cover with a joey in the pouch and it said "pouch party" on the cover (DH has only lived in the US for three years, prior to that he lived in Australia where he was born and raised).  They both started crying, which we knew was going to happen.  I think mom was suspicious because my boobs have been wicked sore since the day after ovulation (Still not sure why) and it hasn't let up at all.  What started this weekend is I HAVE CLEAVAGE!  and I NEVER have cleavage without a hard core push-up bra.  AND my sense of smell has been crazy the last couple of days!  I'm feeling much more optomistic this time around then I did last time (when it ended in m/c) because I'm having crazy symptoms and last time I have a touch of boob tenderness, but NOTHING like this!  We get our blood test Wednesday!  DH called his mom and sisters last night and told them.  We're all just waiting to believe it after the blood test!!



Holy Crow!  I'm pregnant!!!!! 

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Jun. 2, 2008 at 11:22 AM Awesome.  What do you think your EDD is?  Mine is February 9th.   I am so excited.  Your journal post looks similar to mine.  COngrats

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Jun. 15, 2008 at 10:06 PM congrads!!! mamma and i bet its agirl becuase my boobs hurt like hell with michelle and with the boys they did not!

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