Last night Jon and I actually got real sleep. For the first time ever we didn't have any kids. I'ts been so long since I had a chance to sleep the whole night with no crying, no bad dreams, no accidents I'd forgotten how good it felt. We both actually got up on time and without having to get anyone ready to go to the babysitter or before school care we were out the door in under a half hour.

Before my son was born D had finally gotten old enough to amuse herself for a little while before waking me up on weekends and she finally learned to get her self completely ready for school on weekdays and then I went and had another. The way I see it, I better enjoy what few chances I have to sleep cause it will be at least 4 years from now before I can sleep in again. I'd like to say the older kids would be nice and watch the youngest for me once in a while but knowing my kids they couldn't be bothered.



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Jun. 3, 2008 at 5:42 PM I am ssoooo jealous of that good sleep that you had.  I haven't slept through the nite in 5 years!!!  Don't ya go bragging about good sleep around cafe mom... you are sure to be stalked.  LOL  Good for you!!!  Moms deserve atleast One nite of sleep in a century!!!

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