SO I went on a much needed weekend away with my cousin (who is also one of my best friends). We just went to Southern Kentucky and did the tourist thing but it was so much fun!!! The reason we went away was because I was suppose to be getting married this weekend and i thought it would be too hard to be at home that day. We have since decided to do this once a year! Anyway, it was the greatest weekend, I did things that I have never done before and things that have scared me before. . .I have never ridden a horse before (always loved them, never rode one!), I did that! We went on an hour ride (it was guided) and I really had alot of fun! Only got scared at one point and that was going down a somewhat steep hill (it had rained that morning, so it was muddy)! I also went on a ski lift thing (I'm scared of heights) and then went down this slide thing, it was SO fun!!!!!!! We also went to Mammoth Cave, and that was just amazing, words cannot describe how beautiful it was! The whole weekend was just an awesome trip and one that really made me think that I dont need a man to make me happy, I just need myself and my friends! Also that, I really am stronger than I thought (emotionally)! I only cried once and it wasnt even really crying, it was more like tears in my eyes and a few escaped! Yes the thought of "I was to get married today" crossed my mind, but I know that there is a reason I didnt (other than the obvious - he wasnt the one) and I am okay with that! I trust that God does have someone for me and I will meet him when the time is right!

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Jun. 2, 2008 at 10:09 AM I am so glad you had such an awesome time. You were fairly close to where I live. A few hours anyway. I loved Mammoth Cave when I went a long time ago. I would like to go again.

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Jun. 2, 2008 at 12:08 PM

My hubby and i went to Mammoth cave this weekend and did 2 tours on saturday. I am glad you had fun.

I won't do those alpine slide things but we did camp.

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