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Days of my life

My grandfather is 82 and has started getting a gambling problem, he blew through his whole SS check last month. I wanred everyone when i first heard he was going to the casinos regularly, and they told me to not worry about it he's 82 his wife of 40 some odd years is dead, so what if he has a vice? Well.....what if he skips his meds so he can gamble? what if he loses his house because of this vice? He already has an addictive personality, he's a recovering alcoholic. I just worry thats all.....

As you all know by now I got back in the program and decided to take some BS classes to fill my time slots up. I just hope I can do it. I start microbiology again today. its online, so i'm hoping i can devote alot of time to it. Like an everyday thing. treat it as if I was in the classroom. Micro is hard though...I can't remember scientific names for some germ that we haven't had to deal with since the first antibiotic came along! oh well, gotta do what ya gotta do...I have my first Human A&P test this thursday. I really like the teacher and what he says makes sense. I figure I'll get my masters in Human A&P after this class....4 times taking it? I think I could teacher the damn thing.

I haven't heard anymore news about my in-laws, other than MIL actually saying Shit to FIL.....blew my marbles.....I'm not going to get in the middle of it. It seriously doesn't concern me. Besides I'll just tell them which mental illness they all suffer from. Infact I've diagnoised everyone in DH's family!

FIL- Bi polar, MIL-Manic Depression, SIL- haven't found the name for the fear of being alone yet, Oldest BIL-schizophrenia, Other BIL-Delusions of grandeur. I've got them all set up, all i have to do is find the right combos of meds for them....if i could....Maybe everyone would be happier then...

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