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Well the first things I learned is that gas prices REALLY SUCK!! But we all pretty much knew that already!!!  So now here are a few things that I learned that I wanted to pass along to anyone else who might be traveling this summer.                                                      First on the way out of town we needed to gas up so we stopped at the Sams Club gas station. We are members there & if you are they have gas for about 10 cents cheaper than the guys across the street!!! I was shocked, but oh so happy!!  We kept the cruise control set so that helped to conserve the gas. But I did notice that during the heat of the day the miles per gallon went way down. We lost almost a forth of a tank more during the heat of the day! I was again shocked!! Once it cooled down outside the gas mileage went back up to the normal range.  So from now on we will plan our trips in the evenings & at night. Also, check out websites for the cheapest gas, we used the research I looked up online to save money. The gas in Goodlettsville TN was $3.78!!!! We are use to paying $3.99 so we are really excited to fill up for $3.78 (which is quite sad!)    

   Another way we save is to take snacks & drinks from home for the trips. Fritz actually wants to buy a mini fridge that plugs in to the cigarette lighter to keep things cold or warm while we travel. Not the best idea for everyone but we travel a lot, and usually our trips are 7 hours or more at a time.  We also like to avoid eating fast food during the trips. I have found that taking drinks and snacks along for the trip then when we get hungry for a "real" meal we stop & get a pizza. There are some good deals at lots of truck stops along the interstate & the food is a ton better these days then it use to be! So we all ate dinner for about $10. And there were leftovers for when we got home late that night!!! Anyway thats about all I have for now~Please leave any of your own travel tips here so we all can save some coin this summer!!

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Jun. 2, 2008 at 10:51 AM

When you go in to a store or where ever to go to the bathroom, leave your money (or ATM or Debit or Credit cards, what ever you use) in the vehicle.  You'll be less likely to make splurge purchases on the snack food that always looks "oh-so-good" when you walk by.

Look at a map.  A real one, not just Mapquest or something of that like.  They don't always send you on the most direct route.  They follow the most travelled routes.  I travel up to NM several times a year, and if I followed Mapquest, it would take me nearly 10 hours to get there, and take me WAY out of my way.  I looked at a standard map, and found a different route.  It takes me 7 hours, with 2 bathroom breaks.   

Know your vehicle, so you know when you have to stop for gas, and plan accordingly.  You can fit more gas into your tank early morning or in the evening when it's cooler, because there's less vapors.  The vapors fill up the tank, and trigger the automatic shut off on the pump.

Keep loads balanced.  If you can, keep everything inside.  The on-the-roof cases, hard and soft, really drag down your gas milage.  (I can drive from here to 30 minutes from my parents house on 1 tank of gas normally.  I used a soft case a couple years ago, and I had to fill up half way there, because it burned so much gas.)

If it's a long trip, get your vehicle checked by a mechanic.  New fluids, making sure all the filters are clean and that sort of thing can help as well. 

Decide if you REALLY need all the stuff you packed.  The less you pack, the less weight your vehicle will need to haul.  Sometimes it's unavoidable, especially with kids, but less is more in this case. 

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Jun. 2, 2008 at 11:04 AM awesome tips! We do take the most direct route but I need to make sure we cut back on packing & keeping things even in the van. But its hard with the kids, dogs, & all the luggage & golf clubs & my 10 pair of shoes!!!!

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Jun. 2, 2008 at 1:20 PM lol here's an idea val....cut back on the shoes LMAO

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Jun. 2, 2008 at 1:31 PM also shop at safeway stores and spend 50.00 and you get 10 cents per gallon off on gas as these stores also have gas stations lots of times in the same lot also get your cars oil changed before you go and have evrything checked too!

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