My hubby's cousins is staying in a camper outside in my yard.He is doing our roof for us and a few other things in the house . Well they are saying my hubby lied to me the whole week he was off. My hubby was suppose to went back to work on May 25th ,but took another week off to help Rob(DH Cousin)  Well Rob and his GF told me yesterday after i got back from dropping hubby off at his work.That he turned off his cell phone and did not answer the phone when his job called .My hubby works out of state 90% of the year. We only see him on holidays. My hubby told me the whole week No one called him . Well i do remember seeing a new call on his Cell ,but I did not think nothing of it and told him . Well my vent for today is they are tring to start Drama between us .They keep telling me that we argue alot this week. That is not correct either. Anyways maybe I should not be writing this,but I am .

Today i go and get tested for Adult ADD . I am excited .

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