Live my life, that's what I am here to do. I am so freaking lucky to be part of this very large puzzle,

I love people who judge me ~ because they are in need of love.

I love the kids that drive me crazy~ because I need love

I love my husband for working so hard~ because it allows me to stay home

I love my beautiful home~ because I awaken to the most awesome view everyday

I love my mess around me ~ because it means I am alive.

I love my cats~ because they gave me ten , beutiful kittens to laugh at daily. Kittys are funny really.

I love my lawn, because when I cut it, it allows me to smell the freshness of the world.

I love my life~ because it is mine, Simple and free



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Jun. 2, 2008 at 8:26 AM Amen!  I love this post.  Thank you for sharing with us!  You just brightened my day.

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