I know that it is really hard to find great childcare in your own home that is flexible and affordable, so I thought I'd let other moms know about this great option that I found.  I have had live-in au pairs for years and it has been a really wonderful experience.  I knew when I had my first baby that I wanted my children to be cared for at home by someone who was part of the family.  We tried a nanny for the first year, but she was older and not active enough and whenever the weather was bad, she had a doctor's appointment or needed to do something for her family, I had to rearrange my schedule or stay home from work.  Then we found a great au pair program through my sister-in-law and we've had live in au pairs for years now.  Ours have been from Germany, Austria and Poland, but they come from all over the world.  They come for a year and then have the option to stay for a second year.  The best part is that they become like a big sister to my kids and can have a schedule that changes weekly.  Plus, they can help with the cooking and laundry for the kids and keep their rooms and things clean.  The cost is much better than a nanny- about $310 per week for up to 45 hours of childcare.  On top of all that my kids have learned a second language and know all about the customs in other countries.  I liked the program so much that I'm now working for them as a local coordinator from home.  This week and next week, there is no application fee and a discount, so let me know if I can give you more information!  Maisie

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