My name is Tammy. It's not short for anything, it's just plain, old Tammy. So, in baby names books there are different origins given, depending on if it's from Tamara, Thomasina, etc.

Some say "twin", some say "perfection" and some say "palm tree". 

My middle name is Sue (from Suzan, my mom's name)... it means "Lily". 

I also know the origin of how I came to be named Tammy. It was the name of the first movie my parents ever went  to see together!



I love names, so I'll add my DH's and kids' names, too:

DH is Philip- it means "Lover of Horses".

My oldest son is Nathan Philip- Nathan means "given". It's from Nathaniel "given by God".... even though his name is just Nathan, the "Given by God" is the meaning we were going for.

My daughter is Leah Alexandra- Leah means "weary or sad-eyed". I just liked the name... the meaning, not so much! Alexandra means "Defender of Mankind". DH and I joke that we named her "weary, defender of man..."... that we've predestined her to be a tired out public defender  lol!

My youngest son is Justin Daniel James- Justin means "fair, righteous". Daniel means, "God is my judge". James means "supplanter". 


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Jun. 2, 2008 at 8:38 AM interesting!!!!!!!

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