Everything about my name should be all Greek to you and me. Why? Because it is. I'm actually half Greek.

Maria is the name.

Apparently Maria is supposed to mean "Bitter" in another language.

As for my last name? Well, think about it. In Greek History there was the great Mark Antony. If you combine his name together like Markantony, drop the y, and add an is at the end you get my last name. There's a little, little possiblity that he might be my ancestor. I think I have his nose, or what is the feminine modern version of it from what I can fell of busts and pictures of him. But this might all just be the ramblings of a girl who doesn't know wtf she is talking about. My father who is from Milos, Greece just kind of laid that on me so it stuck and ever since I've been all spazzy and slightly proud of my last name and heritage.

So, yeah, "The Bitter Mark Antony."

And, no, I don't mean Mark Anthony the singer is related to me. I mean the guy who had kids with Cleopatra the Fifth might be. Mark Anthony, the singer, isn't Greek FYI. I don't know why people assume this. Besides there is that little spelling difference.

Mark Antony does not equal Mark Anthony.

I hope someone doesn't hit me with a Sparta joke.

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Jun. 2, 2008 at 9:00 AM

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Jun. 2, 2008 at 9:10 AM

I'm glad for some reason to be here. I suppose it's the positive aura that emits from other people in my shoes or have already given birth. I'm glad there are websites like this. It's almost like LiveJournal and all those other journal sites minus most of the drama. 

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