What three things make you angry faster than you can blink?


I wonder sometimes whatever happened to being ashamed that you were a pervert ? A child molester; a rapist......from my view; I see that they "brag" about it; wear it as a notch on their belt.......

I really do think pervs need stronger consequences......


I've never been prejudice against anyone for race; religion; gender; or sexually choice (except pervs);

I grew up being exposed to all kinds; dated all kinds; had multi racial children;

I do not understand why any type of this exists.....we all bleed red; we all live; we are human beings;

Please; unite as one.....................called The Human Race.


I've seen for myself that this exists in law enforcement; In the judicial systems; yes we are all human; we err; however; once it is brought to the light; correct it; make amends.........don't let it keep going on; change starts with the reflection in the mirror.....

I'm going to include abuse in this category; child abuse; spousal abuse and elderly abuse; this is a complete injustice; that many people turn their blinders on too.....

Please help the people who cannot help themselves !


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Jun. 2, 2008 at 8:47 AM Well said...too many times people pretend things aren't happening so they don't have to deal with them, but it's amazing what happens when we give a little help and education (NOT referring to the book kind) to others.

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