This is mostly for the moms who live in Massachusetts.

Kitty Connection will be having adoption hours on Monday June 2nd., at 6 Cudworth Street, Medford (off Riverside Ave., near Medford Square) from 6pm-8pm.  If you own, bring proof of ownership.  If you rent, you will need landlords persmission.

We have several declaw cats available for adoption as well.  If you adopt an older cat, adoption donations will be reduced.  All cats are neutered/spayed, vet checked, wormed, tested, vaccinated and we give you  a coupon for a free office visit.  Adoption donations for kittens are $125 to 150, cat adoptions are $100.  Older cats are $25 to $50.

We are also in great need of foster home, if you are interested in fostering, call Marie at 781-393-9995.

(I did get permission to give out this info)  

We are also having an event at the Pizzeria Uno in Revere, MA on June 19th..if you want tickets please let me know, you do not need to purchase them, but they are needed for participation and Kitty Connection gets 20% of the proceeds of your check...



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