English. Short form of Tamara, which derives from the Hebrew for "Palm Tree." Sometimes used as an independent name, especially during the 1950s and 1980s.

Principal Colors:

The full range of Red hues, particularly the deep, rich shades.

Gemstones And Precious Metals:

Garnets, Rubies.


Nettle, Garlic, Wormwood.

Unique Spellings:

Tammee, Tammey, Tammi, Tamy.

Related To:

Tama, Tamar, Tamara, Tamera, Tamika, Tammara, Tammera, Thamara, Thamarra.

~Kabbalistic Synopsis~

No one could ever accuse Tami of being anything other than diligent and committed! One Hebrew equivalent of Tami's name's value is the word "exertion", and Tami will exert herself to the point of exhaustion if the job at hand requires it.---especially if she is helping out a friend or family member. The letter Mem, which relates to to all positive emotion, is featured in this name, and it's clear that friendship and affection are all-important to Tami. She is an absolute sucker for old black-and-white tear-jerkers, and will watch them whenever they come on television. If she has children, Tami will make an excellent mother. Her kids will feel decidedly special, and never have any doubt as to their importance in their Mother's busy life. The only danger is that Tami may love them almost too much, and make their lives so easy and pleasant that they never want to strike out on their own.

~Runic Interpretation~

Tami is deeply fascinated by metaphysics and psychology or the study of the soul. After all, Tami has the Mannaz power of self in her name. Tami seeks balance and seems concerned with finding the middle ground between self-agrandizement and modesty. Teiwaz, the warrior Rune, gives her strength to take a backseat and carry on when her needs are overlooked. Ansuz, the Rune of Intuition, combined with Eihwaz, the Rune of Defense, give Tami a sensitive and compassionate approach toward people and the ebbs and flows of life. With Mannaz, Tami is very connected to others.

~Numerological Interpretation~

A wide-reaching sensitivity combines with a strongly ambitious nature in this name. Tami is one who is very much connected with her own drives and her needs to make her mark on the world. Yet she is also very concerned with outward appearances and what society has to say about her. Compassionate and sympathetic, Tami is very responsive to the weak and the suffering. If she combines all of the aspects of her name correctly, Tami will find that she can be useful in group activities, especially organizing funds for community and social purposes.

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