(okay i don't have a single person to call and vent to so i instantly jumped on here to vent before i cuss someone out!)

this neighbor drives me freaking nuts! 1st he is this annoying OCD dude in like his 50s. he is a freaking perfectionist in his yard. which is fine, to each his own. he is retired i understand he is bored and its his hobby and it keeps him from going senial or w/e. fine whatever! but when he starts taking it upon himself to work on our yard it just drives me nuts! yeah its just me and my mom and she works all day and i am too lazy and its too hard to go outside and do stuff with a one year old. so our yard sometimes looks like shit. so he will help out from time to time with cutting the grass that is on his side, yeah thats fine lots of neighbors do that. well the 1st thing he did that crossed the line for me was when he was planting new pretty plants around his yard and dug out old ugly ones and planted them in the bed on the side of our house!!! okay so i am guessing he was tired of looking at an empty ugly flower bed on the side of our house or something. yeah that pissed me off because only 2 or 3 days before he did that i had already bought me some flower seeds to plant there. i wanted a hobby to get me thru the summer so it will give me something to do and to be outside more. to top it all of my mom was greatful that he did that! WTF she knew i was gonna plant flowers and she is greatful he planted his ugly old plants from his yard. thats just gross!

okay so he is working on this spot right infront of our house right outside our front window, my mom asked him to do this for her and that is fine with me. heck i even appreciate that! what he's doing is he dug up some ugly bushes and the grass in this bed right under our window and he is gonna put like a little stone porch there and my moms gonna put our swing there and some potted plants around or w/e. thats fine. something neither of us COULD or would do. well first of all, (this spot is RIGHT outside our front window, i sleep on the couch!) when he comes to work on it he's out there at like 8 in the morning! i try to sleep in until 9 or so or as long as alexander will let me, but most of the time i'm up at 8. i don't like waking up unexpectidly to some dude right outside my window! i like to open the blinds and window and let in the natural light and fresh air and i'm sorry i am so uncomfortable with that with some old guy i don't know standing right outside there. it creeps me out and makes me uncomfortable. well as he is out there working on whatever he decides to take it upon himself to clean our gutters. well that doesn't really bug me too much because i wouldn't get out there and do it myself so thats fine. i guess my problem with all of that (since i know he is really probly just trying to be a nice neighbor) i think he should knock on the door and let me know that he is about to starting working out there. i think that is just a curteous thing to do, especially when i know he knows its just me and my son here. i just think his niceness is really rude and inconsiderate. i could just be weird and bitchy though, but it really bothers me

well when i try to tell my mom my problems with all this she just wigs out on me and goes on about he is doing nice things for her, and helping her, and blah blah blah. she isn't looking at it from my point of view at all and that bugs me. she doesn't care that i am home alone and can't have the window or blinds or door open cuz i don't want this old man looking in at us and our stuff and she didnt give a crap that i had the flower bed on the side of the house all planned out. she was just happy that he did that!

okay so one good thing about this neighbor that i think i should share is that he did help me out this past weekend. we had a huge nasty really bad storm friday night and the whole blocks power went out at midnight. well the power was off until approx 5 or 6 saturday night. (my parents left me here with my son and know electric and no phone saturday morning to go to tennessee for vacation.) so here i was all alone with nothing! not even transportation. all the groceries i just bought friday night getting warm and probly starting to go bad. i had no way to call anyone or anything. i never would've went outside if my bff didnt show up to check on me when she hadn't heard from me. well we decided to leave with her and as i was outside getting things cleaned up to leave the neighbor was outside and started a casual conversation about the power outage and i told him i had just bought groceries and they were goin bad. he had his house hooked up to a generator and offered to hook our refridgerator up to it. i thought that was so nice and generous of him and i was so greatful because all the food i had for me and my son and his milk was just goin bad. so when i tell my mom what he did for me, thinking since she is so greatful for what he does for her she would be greatful for what he did for me, she BITCHED AT ME! she was pissed i let him come in our house to hook up our fridge to his generator! wtf, she doesn't care to have him do all this crap for her outside the house, but when he comes in to do one tiny thing for me he flips her wig. wtf ever. so yeah i was really appreciative to our neighbor for that. kept me from spending the only money i had to last me while they were gone on groceries!

well here is the whole purpose for me needing to post this journal and vent! here it is 9 oclock right now, about 30 minutes ago i was asleep on the couch. i woke up at 7 and was pretty excited alexander hadn't woke up yet so i was gonna get to sleep in. i get frickin woke up to loud machinery and banging right outside the front window. the couch i was asleep on is RIGHT beside that window. this neighbor is out there at 8:30 am pounding a way working on the front porch! wouldn't the polite thing to do before you start that crap this early be to knock and let someone who lives here know?!?!? i am so pissed off. and its so loud i can't believe it hasn't woke alexander up yet. I mean i may just be acting like a cranky bitch because i got woke up but i'm so pissed off. i can't even imagine what i would've done if he woke alexander up! i never get to sleep in so i am ecstatic when i get to. i wanted to go out there and say, do u mind we're still asleep in here, but i'm too freaking pissed i don't wanna be rude and him say something to my mom and get some shit started!

omg i'm so mad. when i talk to my mom or when she gets back i'm gonna bitch at her! she is either gonna have to ask him not to start working around here until after 10 or ask him not to do anything around here at all! i mean its just rude! he is banging and pounding away still and it still has me furious at him. idk what to do or if there is anything i can do, but i'm gonna be in such a bad mood today and i know my mom wont care and won't do shit. i don't think its too much to ask for this dude to either knock before he starts or wait til after 10! GOOD GRIEF!

 okay i think i'm done bitching now lol!

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Jun. 2, 2008 at 9:22 AM

hey mama...are you saying that your old man neighbor, has planted his old flowers on your side of the yard and you are upset because you are planning to plant the seeds you bought on that side too? But you are greatful that this man has helped you in the past when there was a blackout in your neighborhood and he offered to hook your fridge so you could preserve your food. That you are relieved that the milk was preserved...and so is the food? But you are very upset now because the old man was hammering at 8:30 am in his yard and it woke you up and you are scared it might wake your baby up?

I hope I got it all right....lol I understand what you're going through. I can totally relate...I have those days like yours and it's normal to get upset...So, what are your plans? Are you okay now after you have vented or are you still mad? Hope your day gets better later...((hugs))

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Jun. 2, 2008 at 9:29 AM  now im not trying to start a war but seems to me that ur neighbor has nothing in his life wife kids so he does things with his time remember elders are early birds and as far as time goes 8 am is go time 7 yeah rude but 8 is the normal people mow there lawn time. seems to me like hes trying to help 2 women out who dont seem to have a guy around to do such things or time. you never mention a dad, and it would cost to get a landscaper and time u guys might not have to do it so he might be trying to help out, if i could get my neighbor to help when im outside rakeing while my 2 year old is sleeping i would love it. i have to use a rake he has machinary to do that i have 2 acers and about an hour of nap time. so i would drop and be thankful if someone was trying to help me out, my dh works 7 days so its hard to find time, as for the gutters i would rather him clean them out then wait for a build up and now u have mold in ur walls due to water damage and its costly. he can be saving u money. i would just ask him can u please not start till what ever time due to kid sleeping im sure he would be ok with that. and once hes done with the outside windows u can open them back up. it will just take a little time. he thinks hes not doing anything wrong u have to say something.  and tell him please dont plant here im gonna do this when i have a little time. im sure he would be fine with that its your home.  seems like u have no trouble useing him when its convenent and vent when its not. hes old and thats what they do. could be worse he could be the grump neighbor that bitches about eveything u do.  or dont do.  beleave me there out there. u could have my neighbor who does nothing but watch u and dh brake your back makeing your yard look nice.

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