Ok I am just making a point here from my last journal post about my 2 year old and I not allowed to watch my son at field day. I guess because they are so afraid the siblings will get hurt. I was told that NO siblings were allowed I guess that better go for babies too and 4 year olds that can actually sit still. Now, here are some thoughts because heaven forbid a child gets hurt and of course we have those people to thank that ruin it for the rest of us....

Outside picnics and field trips related to school!

Outside family concerts and amusement parks and carnivals

Swimming pools (public) and beaches

i am sure there is more here but why not add graduations and church to the menu. I mean geez, they might get too loud and be cranky, no one would like that right? What is wrong with people? Do people think that everyone can afford a babysitter and think that people don't want to do things as a family in whole? If my son would have gotten hurt at the school or playground, I wouldn't sue anyone. It was an accident or perhaps I was not watching him well right? Shouldn't it be on the parents discretion? I am just trying to make light on this subject because I am really upset. I was also told they don't like siblings at the awards ceremony in school because they run around and are too loud? Are you sure all of them are that way? Hmmm...seems stupid to me. If I was in charge I would watch around and if a parent could not control their child I would simply ask them to leave if they could not be careful. I don't know why so many feel that they have to ruin it for the rest of us. Watch your kids. It is your responsibility and don't get stupid thinking you can sue someone for your false judgement. I know that my son is watched like a hawk. But....because some people ruin it I can't keep a promise to my son! That sucks.

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Jun. 2, 2008 at 9:17 AM I would have told them where to go and taken my kid with me anyway!

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Jun. 2, 2008 at 9:23 AM

Great post...I have been blacklisted for a while since my daughter is younger than my son. I missed quite a bit. I see your point, my daughter was and still is a well behaved child (lucky me) but it boils down to keeping tabs on your children. Some mothers, I am sure used these outings as an escape and do nothing to control their children, hoping someone else will take responsibility...Well, that does ruin it for everyone.

I don't think the rules will change anytime soon but the sense of "family" and your children wanting you to be a part of their day is a blessing that we should cherish regardless. Just talk to your son about it and explain why it has to be this way ....

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