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I just want to start this by saying that I am in no way bashing my fiance.  He works very hard (10-12 hour days) and is a huge help around the house and with the kids.

Ok, I have officially had it with my fiance!!  Here is what happened this morning.  As you all know, both my kids have been sick with colds.  This cold hit Zach really, really hard.  He has been the king of the runny nose and he is so congested that he can't sleep at night.  We have been using saline drops and suctioning out his nose so he can breathe....but it wasn't really working until last night.  The only way he could sleep was laying on someone while they were sitting up. 

Now, Brian has been getting up with him at nights and I am very, very thankful about that.  I have had this nasty ass cold too, but not as bad as the kids.  Anyways, last night, Zach feel asleep around 630-645ish (during Max and Ruby).  He woke up briefly around 7pm because Becky decided to have a screaming fit over me changing the channel on the TV.  Brian (who gets banished to the bedroom around bedtime) came out, got him and Zach fell back to sleep.  I went to bed around 1030ish (after my last blog about the sandbox).  An hour after I went to bed, Zach wakes up crying.  So, I get up with him, put some saline up his nose and then suction all the boogies out with the boogie bulb (well, that's what I call it).  He promptly falls asleep and I was happy.  But, I stayed on the couch for about 1/2 hour because I was afraid he would wake up.

So, I bring him back to bed and he sleeps until about 430am.  Then he starts crying.  I go to get up and Brian erupts out of bed, snatches Zach up and brings Zach out to feed him.  Brings him back i, asleep, about 20 mins later.  Well, Zach woke up again at 530ish and was just talking to himself in his pack n play.  Brian starts bitching "What the fuck.  Frigging kid never sleeps." and brings him into bed.  Of course, Zach is happy as a clam with this and starts talking to both me and Brian and hitting us with his hands.  After about 15 mins of this (and I thought it was cute, btw), Brian says "Fuck it" and gets up with Zach.

So, I get up at around 615am and Brian leaves for work shortly after that.  I didn't think to ask him if had changed Zach, I just assumed.  The last couple of times he has gotten up with him, the diaper didn't get changed and Zach peed through his PJ's.  So, 45mins roll around and Zach starts to get a little itchy.  I figured he wanted something to eat, so I made him some oatmeal with pears.  Then I picked him up.  He was freaking soaked.  He peed through his diaper onto his onesie but he had also pooped.  Because he had peed so much, it had washed the poo down his leg.  To say I was pissed was an understatement.  So, I took him into the bedroom and changed him.  Of course, since he was sitting in his pee and poo for so long, he has a diaper rash. 

So, I get Zach and Becky dressed for the day and then I feed Zach.  I really wasn't checking out the bottom of the exersaucer.  So, I go to put him in the exersaucer and the seat is soaked and then I looked down.  There was a puddle of pee and poo on the bottom of it.  At this point, I was seeing red.   I called Brian and asked him why he didn't change Zach at his feeding.  His excuse was "I was tired at 430 in the morning."  Well, that really isn't an excuse, but oh well, the damage was done.  He knows how anal I am with changing the kids, even more so since Becky has had those staph infections.  Grrrr, I just don't know how to get through to him that Zach needs to be changed at every bottle feeding...expescially the early am ones.

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Jun. 2, 2008 at 9:29 AM

(((hugs))) you are not man does it often. I guess they're tired and their brains are not really functioning well. Atleast your guy still has the energy or initiates to help out with your two kids. Mine...never...too tired I guess. But when he does, you can find poopie in my son's unchanged diaper. The father...sleeping lol.

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