{My sister shared this with me today...now I'm sharing with you} 

When we meet someone for the first time, we often create a defining image in our minds of who that person is. We may also determine whether or not that someone is worth getting to know. Sometimes when an initial interaction is particularly uncomfortable or challenging, we can decide to close our hearts to this new acquaintance entirely. But being too quick to judge can cause us to lose out on a potentially wonderful, enriching relationship. First impressions don’t always give the complete picture, so if you meet someone who leaves you less than impressed, consider giving them a second chance. You might be pleasantly surprised.

Everyone deserves to be given a second chance. We know from personal experience how painful it can feel to be misunderstood or judged. We have good hearts and want them to be seen. We have so much to offer and want others to welcome our gifts. When someone shuts us out before they even know who we are, it can feel frustrating, hurtful, and confusing. By giving others a second chance, we can extend the same courtesy we would ask for ourselves. In this way, we set a precedent for all our relationships: to allow everyone the freedom and safety to simply be human. Whether it is a blind date, the man sitting next to you on the airplane, or your new neighbor, everyone has a full life outside of their interaction with you. They may be preoccupied with a personal or business situation that affects the way they are presenting themselves, or maybe they had a rough day or some bad news. If you give them the room to be who they are, where they are, you will allow yourself to do the same! .

When you are considering giving someone a second chance, first check in with your inner knowing. If you find that your intuition is advising you to keep your distance, it is important to honor the guidance you receive. By honoring your intuition when it has wisdom to share, you can feel confident and happy in your decision to give others a second chance.

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Jun. 2, 2008 at 9:26 AM thanks for sharing that it was well put and well recieved!!!   so many people judge by the outer selves and look no further, which is really ashamed. i have always taught my children never to look on the outside, in fact in my home we dont exactly dress the way most people in society would like to see people dress. my daughter has black and red hair and dresses goth  people see that and assume she is trouble let me tell you she is brilliant an honor student never had anything bad said from a teacher in fact when we moved her teachers were so torn up. she is a student ambasador for our country. so any way i just loved your post be true to urself mama...

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Jun. 8, 2008 at 8:51 AM So true! I am so guilty of this. I tend to make an impression and that doesn't change! Actually, some of the get togethers with CM have changed that for me. I have thought something about a person and thought maybe we wouldn't get along as friends, but because we were at some of the same events again, I've talked to these people more and thought well, hey, I like this person! Now, if only I could drag those thoughts to my life outside of the computer........!

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