My name is Jennifer

The meaning of the name Jennifer is Fair Phantom Or White Wave

The origin of the name Jennifer is English

Alternate spellings include: Jenifer, Gennyphir, Gennifer, Ginnifer

Cornish form of the Welsh name Gwynhwyfar.

My mom's cousin named her daughter Jennifer Lynn and my mom really liked it so she named me the same thing...duh.  I didn't like it when I was little because there are SOOO many Jen's out there, but I do now.  I'd rather have a common name than a crazy one. LOL...I'm into older names.

 My daughter's name is Grace

The meaning of the name Grace is Grace Of God

The origin of the name Grace is Latin

We choose Grace because we believe she truly is from the "Grace of God," she's God's gift to us.  When I was younger I had some issues and was told I'd probably never be able to get pregnant without using fertility.  Hubby and I have used BC almost always but there were some times we didn't, even before marriage and nothing ever happend.  I had been taking bc pills for a long time and know it's not good to be on them for years and years so we decided to take a little break from them, had like 4 times when we used no BC at all, and we got pregnant.  I was off BC in August, got pregnant in October.  Now to make my story a little crazy, I don't have periods unless I'm ON birth control pills, so not having one never made me suspect a pregnancy.  We went about our business and it wasn't until March that I went to lay on my tummy next to hubby and felt like a freakin water balloon...I said "um...I think I have a problem.  I think we need to get a test"  So we did a few days later.  On St. Patricks day we took 2 tests because I didn't believe the first one.  I FLIPPED OUT.  It was so unexpected.  I figured I couldn't be more than 12-14 weeks.  Ha ha...little naive me.  We go to our first Dr. appt on FRIDAY April 13TH and they do an ultrasound since I can't give them a last period date.  I'm expecting to see a little tiny blob in a sac...nope..this is what I see.

Turns out, we're 25 weeks along and we're having a girl.  My poor hubby about fainted...LOL.  I was due July's shortest pregnancy.  I never had morning sickness, never felt better in my life actually. 

Anyway...the reason for the whole story here....We decided on Grace because we know she was God's gift to us...I was so worried something could be wrong with her, not having prenatal care for the entire first half of my pregnancy, not being able to get any of the screening done because we were over the time limit, but God gave us a beautiful, healthy, perfect baby girl, who even after being induced, on the morning of August 2nd, and should have born that day if she hadn't gotten "stuck" for about 5 hours ( I wouldn't dialate past 4-5 for like 5 or 6 hours), was born on August 3rd, me and hubby's 7th anniversary of when we first started dating.

:)  Sorry so long!

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Jun. 2, 2008 at 10:18 AM That's such a cool story!  Yay for baby Grace!

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Jun. 2, 2008 at 1:56 PM Oh my gosh!  That's amazing!  You know, I always wondered how people could be pregnant and not even know, but hearing your makes complete sense!  That's incredible!  Totally amazing how God works!  Thank God for Grace! :)

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