My good friend through middle school and highschool was murdered monday night or turesday morning around memorial day...she was found outside of Laurel l Pool....she ws only 21 years old...too young to die...and what makes it even worse she was 3 months pregnant....noone told me when her viewings was...i just found out today from my best friend it was yesterday...no1 bothered to tell m!! what the hell?!?! her funnreral is today...which i cant make it cuz Aidins 1 yr check up and shots....they think one of her suspects is the idiot who got her pregnant...cuz she was stabbed in the stomach and beat....what kinda sick person can do this?? and then i hear Maryland just past a law about now they are callin this a doule homicide....just keep her,her baby, and her family she left behind in your prayers....thank you for any comments or i have to go for our morning walk and feed aidin his breakfast b4 we go to the drs....hope you all have a wonderful day...and talk to you ladies during his nap or when the boys go to bed. luv u all.

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Jun. 2, 2008 at 12:26 PM thats horrible!! Im soo sorry you had to find out so late. That guy must be a sick man, needs to get death row for sure.

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Jun. 7, 2008 at 3:26 PM Some people are really sick. I think most of these people who murder are mental and I think some peoples brains have either been fried or they never had one to begin with. It's sick it really is and it's so sad to hear things like this. If I was in charge I would torture people that did such awful things.

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