Ok so we're officially CRAZY! So friday night when DH gets home we were looking at the walls in our kitchen thinking we really aught to try to paint them. It should be easy !

 HA! No way.... were we wrong. LoL...Poor DH started working on them that night... we figure if we got it down friday night we could spend Saturday painting, and well....enjoy our work of art on Sunday. 

Poor DH was up until 2.30ish in the morning trying to take the wallpaper down with all that fancy 'wallpaper removing stuff' we had stored for this very occasion.  The next morning when we got up we decided we would try to find a steamer cause we WERE going to need one...so off we all went to homedepot and purchased the only steamer they had (which was a used one from the rental dept. ) A lady there also informed us to try using fabric softener to remove the paper as well. 

 So when we got home DH set up the steamer and got to work...it worked well so far...on ONE wall...so I decided to do some research on removing wallpaper and found someone said to mix fabric softener with enzyme based formula....so I decided that wouldn't hurt to try. I made the mix and put it on a wall...and the wall paper started coming down easier....although we STILL needed to use the steamer on it. 

Nonetheless, after many strenuous hours, DH finally got it all down and we started to texture the walls....which we finished but we still need to paint....anyhoo...we'll start on that happy part tonight. LoL


 BEFORE: (don't mind the mess, it's not usually that dirty) 







Next project: the sunroom! hooray. LoL

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