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Well there we were all piling in the cafeteria as if it was prom, all dressed up and staring each other down… Everyone in there little clicks taken pics of each other… Not wanting to be the first to dig into the food and look like we were starving... Secretly talking about each other with our husbands and wives… Awaiting the slide show to see what we look like really back in the day… I just felt like there we were 10 years later right back were we started… I’m sure some ppl have a different experience than I did; but they weren’t out in the parking lot smoking just like high school either… Which I found was the highlight of the night watching the smokers come out and hide so no one new that they were really a smoker unlike Toby, my husband tom and I smoking it up…. Seeing everyone was nice but they showed that we would not being seeing each other after tonight on a daily bases… I thought all around it was a good 10-year night… We all went to Varsity and they all got a table an then went bowling; now me on the other hand went to the titty bar and to the cowboy…. You could tell that some of them wanted to go but did want to disappoint there clicks or there wives… Which was fine with me; so if any of you read this and are disappointed.. so what… If you would like a high school friend that has actually grown up and forgot how we were in high school send me an email….

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