My first fruit - Divine Alabraba is 3 today. It's awesome to see my little boy of yesterday growing big, strong and more intelligent.

I remember how some time back I was heavy with him, how a week to delivery, I suddenly had high blood pressure and how on the day of delivery it was meant to be somethingelse but God turned it for my joy.

I remember waking up at night to breastfeed him, the many songs i composed for him, the worries, the prayers and the prophecies i declared on him. The moments of joy, His crawling, his first steps, his calling me dada and all.

I remember his first year birthday party. Of course as a king, the turnout was extraordinary which left us runing up and down to make ends meet.

I remember his first lessons for preschool. He didnt cry as assumed but was so happy to be among his peers. I remember his fights with his peers in school but now the king is a biggggg boy and dosent fight anymore as such.

Motherhood is a joy that cannot be explained as much as experienced and girl, am having the time of my life

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