Well teh weekend turned out well. We left at 10 AM and got to Fort Wayne about 11:30. The Zoo though very small was fun we took our time and enjoyed the warm breezes by the small lake. We then went to Red Robyn reaturant. I had clam chowder and a fish basket with peach tea, BA had chili and a 5 alarm burger. It was REALLY expensive though $36.00 pluss tip. I spilled my tea on BA he was putting the money in the cash book and nearly dumped his drink I reached across the table and caught his drink and in the process dumped mine. We took our time comming home enjoying the ride, we got here about 4pm. Sunday I was really pleased that BA wanted to go to church. Our local UMC has a service at 11:00 it is traditional so it has hymns instead of a band it is organ and pianio. It was so calming and BA actually stayed awake. He always fell asleep at New Hope. We ended our day with dogs on the grill and potato salad. The only downfall was I was suppose to have a bible study and BA got on the computer just before it was to start. I told him about it but he says he forgot. Thank goodness the moderator has issued me a reprive and I can try again next week.

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Jun. 16, 2008 at 1:21 PM im so glad u had a good time :)

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