Despite everything I had to go through before getting there... Hawaii was an oasis for sure.  We had snorkeling planned for Monday but I changed it to Wednesday to give my back a little more time to heal... I bought waterproof bandaides but I still wanted to wait.  It was absolutely the most amazing experience.. next to childbirth.  As soon as my face went underwater it was as if I had been transported into another world... like my little girl dreams had come true and I had transformed into a mermaid.  The most beautiful tropical fish were in such abundance.. you didn’t have to look for them... they would swim right up to you.  I’ll post the inderwater pictures we took as soon as I get them developed... I hope they turn out!

I would completely recommend our hotel as well as Waikiki beach to anyone with a baby or small kids.  Its great for older ones and adults too... but you would have to go down the beach just a tad if you wanted to surf.  You can see all this in my pics but I’ll still descibe it.  There was a small pier right across from our hotel which was Resortquest Waikiki Beach Hotel... and a wall extended out from the end of the pier so I didn’t have to worry about the kids going to far out into the ocean.  The waves would crash into the wall and then peter out before they reached the beach so I also didn’t have to worry about a big wave coming and it washing over top of Ronan while he and I played in the water.  The water was crystal clear... it was truely beautiful.

We found out that the 10th day after the full moon is the peak day for jelly fish.  They had signs up but we didn’t heed them.  Joshua got stung our second day there... the lifeguard sprayed vinegar on it and gave him and ice pack... it appeared to be VERY painful... but it only lasted a few hours.

Tuesday night we went to a Luau... I was a little disappointed that it was inside but the food was good and so was the show.  I guess about half way through one of the male performers came off the stage and grabbed me by the hand and led me up on stage to hula with him.  I was mortified... luckily I didn’t have to face the crowd, I was on pain  meds, and had half a Mai Tai in me!

We went shopping earlier that day... as we neared the jewelry department there was a lady passing out keys, one of which would open a treasure chest.  Each of the kids tryed their keys with no avail then I tried mine and Wha La... it opened.  They rang a bell and the kids jumped for joy! They opened the chest and what was inside........... Coupons! Mine was for 60% off of a pearl.  I got to pick the oyster and pop it open to reveal the pearl... mine turned out to be pink.  Now here where they got me hook line and sinker!  You could have the pearl place in a pendant for a necklace.  I picked out a pretty hibiscus flower that was WAY over priced... she offered  to give me my pearl for free and let each of the kids pick one as well.  How could I say no with all them kids looking at me with clasped hand and puppy dog eyes... I’m such a sucker!  Summer ended up getting 2 pink pearls, Joshua 2 white, and Jacob 2 black.  They all said it was my LUCKIEST day ever.... I think it was probably the stores! LOL

The only day it rained was thursday... but by 11am the sun was shining and we were on the beach.

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Jun. 5, 2008 at 7:08 PM Sounds like a wonderful vacation!

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