My parents were practicing Zen Buddhism whilst I was in vitro and couldn't land a name for me. I was born at home in the bathtub in Brook-line Mass. Days went by with out a name catching the ears of either of my folks. Eventually it was down to the wire cause they do not allow a birth certificate for any unnamed child by law. So one afternoon my pop was meditating and chanting a very common Zen Buddhist mantra that went "oh mi kami" which translates from Japanese to "to god" or "to goddess". It then came to him to name me Kami or god ! What a namesake to live up to eh?

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Jun. 2, 2008 at 9:58 AM Wow very original and pretty though.. I have a cousin named CAmi and that is how it is spelled with a C instead of a K.. nothing like pressure to live up to a name huh lol..

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