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Well my full name is Angela Renee', unfortunately the Naval Hospital screwed up the spelling of my middle name and spelled it Rene, sighs oh well .

Angela of course means heavenly messenger, or angel

Rene means Reborn

Kinda neat huh, I mean I knew about the angel one but not the reborn part, and I LOVE LOVE LOVE the bible and getting into studies concernign it and the languages and one has to be reborn to be a christian, hmmm, God knows what He is doing.

But my mom named me Angela ( called Angel all my life) after she had a surgery while pregnant with me. They removed a cyst the size of a grapfruit from her womb which was pressing on me causing me to have issues growing. 38 years ago that was a risky surgery, the odds of me surviving was astronomical. Solely because they would be in the womb and see me, they had to in order to remove the cyst. Well I was supposed to be born closer to new years, oh and did I mention the doctors told her I was a boy, rofl glad they knew what they wre doing based on that flash of brilliance right there. Anyway Mom named me Angela because I was her Christmas angel, I came on December 8th, not quite Christmas but close enough for her..

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Jun. 2, 2008 at 10:51 AM Thats awesome...and what a miracle! I was never suppose to be born. When my mom was 15 one of her ovaries ruptured because of a cyst and they told her she'd never have kids, I'm glad God's bigger than a Dr.s diagnosis!

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