I love my bf. We been together for almost 3 yrs, and just like every other relationship, we've had our ups and downs. Yet I find myself not having any fun. It's not like we can't get a babysitter, hell someone ALWAYS wants to keep our son on the weekends. For ex: Last weekend my son was at the babysitters' and my bf was out all night w/ his boys, and when I say I about to go out w/ my girls, that's when he wants to jump in and want to say "no I want US to go out". Negro please! He just doesn't want me going out, cuz I ended up not going out w/ my girls, and he didn't even show up until late and by then I was too tired to go anywhere! I'm the type of person, that if I get bored, then I stop caring, and if I stop caring, then I get into trouble. I keep trying to give him chances, but I keep gettin let down. I just want a guy that will take me out and have fun, and be spontaneous ya know? Takin myself out will only go so far..... I'm feelin like there's something missing in this relationship......

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