mark is sick as a dog. and crabby as hell. and out of anti-anxiety meds, which means dealing with him has been a real chore. he is irritable, fearful, etc. it's a friggin' nightmare. god, pleeeeeeeease make sure he gets his meds today before i kill him.

kaia came yesterday with my mom to get clothes and stuff from her room. no one thinks her being at home right now is a good idea. but she's doing well and was sweet to me. i could tell she wasn't pleased that i refused to wake mark up to get her cameras and hair straightener. oh well. i haven't been able to talk to mark that i am not making long-term decisions about the whole situation right now - he wants to know what is going to happen between now and when she is 18 in just over a year. and it's impossible to try to have a conversation with him right now.

for now the best i can do is take good care of myself. i may run away to any number of friends out of state and never come back. the weather here sucks anyway.

i can dream can't i?

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