I do my own virtual parties.... all you need to do is collect money, checks or debit card payments, call me with your orders, and I will be glad to put your party in, and you can still get all the freebees of having a party and dating a party, and no one will have to pay the extra for fedex shipping!  Have a group of freinds that want to order?  Get your orders together and I will write it up as a party and you can each get a free snack cup, and I can ship it directly to one person in your group!!!

I love to find ways to save money for everyone.... so feel free to ask for a catalog, or browse my site, write down your orders, and check here for specials that wont be on the site, and Call me with them and I will turn them in!

have multiple people, and want to save on shipping?  just have everyone pay one person with cash or checks, use one credit card for the entire order and save each of you the extra on shipping....


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