Ok so it is official, as this pregnancy goes on my dreams just get weirder and weirder! So slept in bed until 3:30am, then slept on the couch until 6:20. Got up went back to bed, and this is when the crazy dream started.

First thing that happened was my little girl Iley got lost, but she wasn't three she was like 12. We had a little boy too who was like 8 and trying to work at a burger king in our new neighborhood, which I think was in Washington state which is weird because this is where we would like to move! So I was trying to find her. I was working for some dance studio, I dunno how because my feet are really messed up from like 12-14 yrs of dance already, but I was a ballerina again. So I kept having to leave rehearsals to find my little Iley bug, I would find her and she would turn in to her little brother and I would have to get him to tell me where she is, and he would just point.

So I guess after days and days of trying to find her and him eventually we got back to  the house. My bed was backwards though, like where the foot end of the bed touched the wall and the bed's headboard faced the empty part of the room. We were all exhausted, so we went to bed. My hubby wasn't there yet , so I locked up and changed in to PJ's and laid down.

Not much later then I fall asleep I hear someone breaking in. The first words were "just don't hurt them" pointing towards the kids. "Do what ever you want to me, but please, please don't hurt my kids!" So they didn't...which I thought was odd and I guess the look on my face was apparent of that! So he proceed(this person) to cover my face and eyes, not to keep me from breathing but so I couldn't see who it was! What happened next, well they bit me! Seriously bit me, on my cheek and then my neck. Which was odd because it didn't hurt, it burned but not like a heat burn, more like a chemical burn. I gasped as I took my last breath and he removed his hand from my face. It was my husband!?!? Who then laid down and fell asleep!

Uggh I'm tired of the weird dreams! Of course I woke up in an anxiety attack and had to take my medicine! I swear I really look forward to not having all of these crazy hormones!

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Jun. 2, 2008 at 10:17 AM I had tons of strange dreams when I was pregnant with my first child. I think that is very natural. Before you go to sleep, try thinking of something that makes you happy....that's very positive. See if that helps.

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Jun. 2, 2008 at 1:28 PM

I have been trying that too! I think some of it is just relapse of fears from childhood, and trust issues. My ex fiance went out on me when I was preggo with my first so I think I just see my hubby as having the ability to be evil in my subconscious.

 I dunno why but dreaming of green ice cream and music normally works, sounds odd but this is what I do when I get freaked out too! So I just think the preggo hormones are winning this battle here at the end.

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