Bryce stayed the night at my Mom's on Saterday night. She said he had a fever of 103 that night. Sunday he spiked a fever again and was very craby and falling alseep. He has a cough and sounds congested. Just to be sure it was not phnamonia (spelled wrong)

I took him into the walk-in clinic. It was 3 hours after I had given him the motrin that we finally seen the doctor and his fever was gone and he seemed fine. She said his lungs are clear, ears are clear, throut is fine. Then why is he coughing up ickyness? Allergies? Why is he spiking a fever everytime the Motrin wears off? Obveasly theres something goign on. So after I questioned her about these things and explained how Bryce body temp does not work right and a 103 temp is VERY BAD for him....I think I had her second guessing herself. She gave me antibiotics for him.

By the time we got home the Mortin I had given him before we left wore off and his temp went back up again. He woke at 5am this morning and was back to sleep at 8am. He has a fever again but it's not that high this time. It sure does sound like a chest cold to me. But I guess it could be drainage from allergies. I don't know...In anycase the antibiotics should knock out what ever it is I hope.

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Jun. 2, 2008 at 3:01 PM I always wondered if all children with PWS were like Jessica or if she was the exception. She rarely gets sick! this year has been the first time she has ever been sick enough to miss school ! She has a killer immune system! Hope Bryce gets well soon.

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Jun. 2, 2008 at 11:36 PM

Sounds like Jessica is one of the exceptions.  Hope Bryce is feeling better.  Ethan is like this too.  Up and down with the fever.  He can run 99.3 and be so fussy.  This past winter he had an upper respiratory infection from Jan to Mid-March.  His lungs for the most part were clear.  Because of all the nasal congestion and coughing from drainage I made sure he had a Albuterol Nebulizer breathing treatment every day, 3 times a day.  I remember when I had taken Ethan to the pediatrician when he was little, he had mentioned the fact that his nasal passages are smaller than a typcial child.  Also Ethan has a high-arched palate.  He had his adenoids taken out and tubes put in his ears.  He would get an ear infection, be on antibiotics, get cleared up and about 6 weeks later start all over again.  Then we had another hearing test done which revealed the fluid was never draining off.  When hes 3 he will get his tonsils taken out since they are slightly enlarged.


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Jun. 4, 2008 at 11:30 PM

Hows Bryce doing??

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