I know You're Watching from up above but I Wish You were here. My Life has turned out WELL, *ALL* your Grandkids are getting Bigger and doing really good, they have their moments but It's nothing I can't handle You Taught me well. I constantly tell them about What a Great Man You were & ALL the Fun things you used to do with us, like Listening to The Cubbies on the AM station While BBQ-ing in the Back Yard. Going on Picnics & Swimming at The forest Preserves & Fishing I could go on but It would take forever*=).......I Miss *ALL* the time you spent with us making us Laugh until we almost Peed in our Pants, Always Joking around, Teaching us New Things about Life, Always telling us about Your War Stories of WWII on how you fought the Japs, I wish I would've payed more attention to those Stories because I could've told them to the Kids. You were such a Great Listener & Always gave Good Advice. I couldn't have asked for a BETTER FATHER, My Kids would've Loved you just as Much as I *STILL* do!!!! "HAPPY BIRTHDAY DAD" I Love You!!!!!!

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Jun. 2, 2008 at 10:21 AM Sorry for your loss. I miss my dad too. He was a sweet caring dad!

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