So my kids like Queen music. One of Isaiah's favorites is the song Fat Bottom girls. So yesterday we were at my parents and my dad was talking about the movie O Brother Where Art Thou (I think that is the name) and he aske Isaiah if he was a soggy bottom boy. My son looked and him and says " No but I sink you are a fat bottom girl" I almost fell out of my seat laughing. He is too funny.

Last week while my dad and my uncle were here working on the house my uncle kept calling Isaiah spider weasel. So the one time my uncle comes down the steps and calls him that and he turns to my uncle and called him spider loser. Kids are too funny.

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Jun. 2, 2008 at 11:32 AM LOL!  Jonathan too loves Queen music.  That is so funny about what Isaiah said!  Children are too funny sometimes.  :)  Hope your day goes well!

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