I decided it's time to start keeping track of all the little Sabrina-isms that occur on a daily basis.  I am afraid that as time passes I may start to lose track of them. The thing that prompted me was while I was sitting here at my breakfast table. Sabrina is sitting here eating her cheerios with no regard for my presence, when she picked up her spoon to her ear, as if it were a telephone, and said "hello? What do you want?" I started to laugh, because I can't imagine where she picked that up, and I immediately started wondering if I say that to people!! I'm sure I do not, but she must have gotten it from somewhere! She handed me the spoon and asked me to do it, so I mimicked her, with a bit more animation in my tone, and the giggling fit ensued. Quite funny.

Now when she gets down out of her high chair every morning, she immediately runs over to her Aquadoodle mat, tries to unfold it, then comes running over with the biggest smile on her face saying "I did it! I did it! All by myself!" I love the huge grin on her face when she's excited.  Then we give high-5's (Thanks Mark!)

A couple more just to catch myself up here......the Snoopy song. Mark started with the Snoopy song, and taught her to come in during the chorus. It goes something like "Snooooopy, Snooooopy, come home Snoopy come home", then you must point to Sabrina (if you don't point to her during this part, she will grab you hand and maneuver it until it is pointing at her), and then her part goes "Come home, Come home-giggle giggle giggle". Mark has also taught her how to do the Robot dance, and believe me, there is nothing funnier than walking home from the park and having your two-year old daughter stop and say "Sabrina, Robot!" and then bust out with some robot moves. I really need to get that one on video!

We took her out for a ride on the bikes yesterday, and we found a park with a big firetruck (Wowser!) in the playground, which she was madly excited about. She played in the firetruck, drove with the steering wheel, and hung from the monkey bars. I thought the monkey bars would scare her, but she just held on, giggling, until she fell which ,of course, did not phase her. We had a picnic, fed the ducks, the ducks flew away right in front of her and it startled her so she jumped into my arms then asked for more!

I need to catch up on some other things we've done so far this summer. For Mother's Day, Mark's Mom came in and we went to the Mexican art museum and a Soul Food restaurant. That was fun and she enjoyed both thoroughly (as did I!). Grandpa and I took her to the Botanical Gardens. She is learning to ride her bike that Uncle Jeffy got her. Her favorite outside toy is sidewalk chalk with Triangle hopscotch. Her Kindermusic class just ended. She enjoyed that a lot, especially the little boys in the class (oh boy). I wanna keep this short, so I'll cut myself off there! Hopefully I can keep this up!

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