Well though we are completely broke at this point and barely have a pot to...well you know the rest...we got a new addition to the family this weekend...his name is Mac and he is 8 weeks old and he's a Terrier/Pomeranian mix...he's black and white with a pink nose specked with black...pictures coming soon...so I'm a new momma...it was hard I was sure I wanted another one after I lost my two weenies but it's been a year and a half since they passed...and when we went and saw him he was covered in ticks and his puffy hair was matted and he looked kind of sad...so we took him home, shaved him gave him a bath and now wait till you see him he's about the cutest thing you can imagine! Rex our lab is getting along with him...you can see they want to play but he just doesn't know how because Mac is so little and Rex is so big, but they'll work it out...and I feel better because I rescued a puppy!

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