So... Before Igot pregnant with Bryce I weighed 108. Throughout my pregnancy I walked and did everything possible to just gain the amount of weight I had to for the baby. I did reallly well up until I became allergic to my placenta, I than had to take staroids to keep the rash from spreading all over my body. Which we all know what staroids do. I blew up like a balloon the last 3 months of my pregnancy. So my last appointment at the OB I weighted 150. WHAT A SHOCK... I gained 42 pounds now either I have a HUGE child inside me or I truely am massive. So after I had Bryce (him ONLY weighing 6 pounds so my dream of it all being baby went down the drain) i still weighed 145. Now me never weighing that much in my life freaked out. I have no idea how to diet never had to think about it before. I had never had to watch what i ate i never gained a pound so i had to begin to watch everything i ate to try to lose some of this weight that made me feel massive( Now I know i probably wasnt but to me i left huge), I began to eat losts of chicken and cut out all the beef and junk food out of my life. Well i lost 5 pounds in a month doing that. That i started working out and got myself down to 132 Im still watching what im eating and i have pretty much stopped working out( I know I need to pick back up on that right) but i have lost another 4 pounds. Im down to 128... Now I know Im never going to get back to 108 and really dont want too. But i would be extremely happy at 115 but I could live with 120... just had to make myself see that I am doing a good job losing this weight even tho Bryce is 16 months old... I have always heard the slower you lose it the harder it is to gain back... LETS HOE SO


Thanks everyone for reading!

Jamie Lynn

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Jun. 8, 2008 at 3:31 AM My daughters name is Bryce and she is 19 mths old and I am having a hard time too with the last ten pounds.It pisses me off.Its hard  for me to balance everything eating,resistance training,cardio.And how they say to eat 5-6 times a day .Its like ill get almost all the pieces but not all.I feel better  but I totally understand It is frustrating/

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Jun. 8, 2008 at 3:39 AM Yeah, me too.  I was 120 before I had Bre, afterwards I weighed 145.  I got a membership to the gym 3 months ago and I've been watching what I've been eating... now I  weigh 139.  I've been doing cardio and strength training too... I feel the same as you... I know I may never be back at 120... but I'll be happy at 125 and I could live with 130... it has been so hard to lose anymore than I have already.  The majority of the time I've been working out, I've been at 139.  Good luck to you, wish me luck too!

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