It's so funny how some people tip toe around the fact that my teeth are messed up, lol! Sometimes it's like they think I don't notice or something and are afraid to talk about it. I'm not! I can't wait to be able to afford to fix them. Little kids will say to me,"Why are your teeth broken?" or "You have funny teeth!" I've heard it all. Do my teeth bother me, yes but on the other hand no. My wisdom teeth are coming in and making my mouth hurt all the time. It makes me different from others and has never held me back. I believe I have other features that balance out the uglyness of them. I hate even looking at pictures sometimes because of it and will retake a picture over and over again to finally just give up because it's not going to look any better. Everyone tells me I'm beautiful and to shut up...boy I wish I had their eyes to look at myself from thier point of view to see what they see. I look even stupider with a closed mouth smile. So, I will just grin and make the best of it.

Why are they the way they are? I have no clue. My parent's seem to think that it was because I sucked my thumb when I was little. I was in the middle of getting braces when they got a divorce. Then they would fight back and forth on who was going to pay for what and before I knew it I was 26 years old with the same crooked smile. I believe it's because I have huge teeth and a litte mouth. My mom is 4'101/2 and my dad is 6 ft. 3. The gene pool got fucked up somewhere in there.

 When my grandma was alive I remember having the conversation about fixing them. She said to me,"I like your teeth. They give you personality and you wouldn't be Colleen without them." Was she just being nice? Probably, but then again maybe not. I love my grandma and miss her so much.

So, yes I realize my teeth are messed up, but I have beauty elsewhere. It just makes me work that much harder at my image to take away from my face! Lol, no but really. I am very comfortable in who I am and have come to accept it, but when I graduate from college next June you better believe the orthodontist will be the first to congradulate me!

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Jun. 2, 2008 at 5:07 PM I always hated my chubby cheeks, red hair and freckles but as I got older I realized that they were part of what made me different. Since you whitened your teeth ( well I think you did?!) it is not near as noticable. Before my braces I had a huge gap between my front teeth. I will have to show you a pic some time. It looked so bad!! It took surgery and braces to fix them and now 12 years later my front teeth are starting to spread apart again. I always hated my retainer ( it was even a clear plastic one! ) and so I wouldn't wear it. They told me that if I didn't wear it that would happen but I knew everything and wouldn't listen. I think you should just be who you are because the people around you already love you that way. It doesn't matter what other people think. People can always find something about you to bitch about no matter who you are. If it wasn't that there would be something else. It is a never ending cycle. I can only imagine what people say about me, because I am way self concious. Especially after gaining weight from stupid surgery that refuses to go away.

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