My due date is fast approaching, and I can't wait.  I'm getting so excited and a little nervous.  I know that giving birth will be painful and I'm just not sure how I will deal with that and what to expect.  But, I just can't wait to hold my little boy.  He moves around so much and I want to see what he looks like.  I'm also feeling a little sad at the same time.  Although I'm so sick of being pregnant, I love feeling the baby move inside me and I'm not sure if my DH and I will try to have another child.  It was really hard to try this time after losing 2 before.  I feel so blessed at being able to have a baby at all.  For a long time I never thought that it would be possible.  I thank God everyday for this.  I love my baby so much already.  It's just so amazing.  I never thought I could love anything so much.

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