OK so I have a 3 year old and a 23 month old, both wonderful little girls. But for the last few months I have felt like I really want another baby. I had a very difficult birth experience with the youngest that ended in a scary csection. I was told if I have another I will have to be watched carefully and will have to have another csection. I am ok with that my DH is scared to have another because with the last one he could have lost us both. Plus I totally thought I only wanted 2 no more, well now I think I want another, so badly I have dreamed about it. My mom thinks I am crazy and his parents would flip out if I got pregnant again but I really want baby number 3, I get upset every month when I get my period. I had to do fertility drugs to get pregnant the first time and baby number 2 was a happy surprise right after baby number 1 turned 1. I don't know maybe I am just missing having a little tiny baby around. I am trying to potty train my youngest and looking forward to no more diapers but still I would love another baby. Hmmm, maybe I need to just relax and see what happens. Oh well just needed to tell someone how I feel.

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