First off I had a great weekend, though I don' t think I ever stopped moving so now I am paying for it cause I am tired! The movie was awesome and everyone had a great time. 

My ex had the kids this weekend....first time in two months.....and he didn't even want to keep them 48 hours. He wanted me to pick them up by Sunday at noon (knowing full well I was probably working the night before and would be wanting to sleep) but I pushed it back to 2 pm.  Seriously if I don't get in till 3:30 -4 am and that's if when we close we pack up and leave immediately (which rarely happens) its going to take a little bit to fall asleep.....and he knows how the hours are and how its hard to immediately fall asleep after having to hype yourself up all night to be bouncy, fun, and energetic.  After work we ended up hanging out with some friends for a bit and then headed back to COMO to meet up with a friend of mine....someone who I am kinda talking to....who was at a pool party with his friends......Rach and I played water volleyball and was fun! I felt about 22 responsibilities.....just having fun being silly.  The girls and I left about 5:30 or so....and went to watch the sunrise at a hidden waterfall......I laughed all night....its been a while since I have felt so....carefree...we get in about 7 or so.....ready for bed.

I woke up at about 10 or 11.....not sure why...but I checked my phone....a message left at 8:39 am "Come get these kids, they are stressing me out" That pissed me off....I deal with being stressed out by two kids all the time, I stress over bills, being able to provide, everything.  I layed back down at first thinking let him stress....I do it every day...but I couldn't fall back asleep so I called.  He had had his mother come get them and he would call me when they were being brought back. I told him that my phone was about to die and so it would be easiest if I could just come at 2 like we planned, that I didn't think my phone would be on later.  He hung up on me. Grrrrrr.

So I went back to bed, I mean what good would it do for me to stay up pissed off?  When I woke up again it was about 4....only my phone was dead. So I called him from my friends answer.  I didn't want to go over there if the kids weren't there.....I don't want to hang out with him or P. I found part of my car charger and hooked my phone up to the computer to get enough charge to make a call...he was PISSED.  He said he had been calling my phone all day and I needed to come get the kids.  Like I just forget them all the time or something.  I checked my voicemail and sure enough I had 3 messages from him....not from all day (like I believed that anyway!) first one at 3:47...when the kids were on the way there...not even there yet and he's telling me I need to hurry up and come get them. 4 an angry hang up and then an angry "You need to come get these kids, You need to answer your phone, I am getting pretty pissed off at you"  So my girlfriend went with me to get the kids.....they wouldn't let me go alone....not with him being pissy and having hit me before...

I don't think he is going to want to play Daddy again for a long time...which is good cause I don't feel like I should send the kids go over there.  He obviously doesn't care to see them and can't (read - is too lazy) to deal with them...geez they are KIDS....they are going to stress you out.   Ugh!

 I am frusterated with him...yeah I know when am I not...but where do I go from here? Sometimes I wish he would just dissappear.......its not like he is trying to do anything worthwhile for them.

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