i suggest that anyone in ft wayne knowing they will have  preemie, do not go to Lutheran hospital. the NICU there is horrible. Dupont hospital is the place you need to go.

there is no privacy at lutheran and the rules there are ridiculous. my son just got transferred there yesterday and i had to cuss people out within his first few hours there. i also saw a nurse yanking around another preemie to change her diaper. i never saw anything of the sort at dupont hospital.

my son that needs to be in an isolette is now in an open bed at lutheran and the reaosn they gave me is because it is more 'convenient' for the nurses if he is in an open bed. and i'm just guessing, but in this situation i dont think it is aout the nurses but about the babies.

the setting there is so impersonal. one open room with all these other people around while i'm getting medical information about my son. i dont want joe schmoe knowing mine and my sons business. there were little kids (family) in this NICU and i dont wanna take the risk of having some child bumping into my sons machines or pushing buttons or anything of that nature. call me over protective but this whole situation is ridiculous. at dupont my son had a private room where i could be with him as long as i wanted to be. it felt so much more personal and the care there even seemed that much better.

call me craxy but dont use Lutheran's NICU


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Jun. 2, 2008 at 11:00 AM Why can't you stay at the other hospital?

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Jun. 2, 2008 at 11:48 AM dang sorry to here that they only let 4 people in see Mackeinze an thats it keep germs down an kids are not allowd in i hope you get better care were they moved your little boy

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