Hubby and I have had a really rough 3 years.Everything from deaths,to domestic violence {my sister read my past journals if ya wanna},surgeries, health issues, mental health issues, miscarriage,teen angst,Lilys health issues, you ae it wehave had a roller coaster.Anyway, I am wanting to surprise him with something very special.Yeah he reallyyyyyyyyyyyy wants the drum set to Guitar heros and would never buy it for him self.Yeah he would loveeeeeeeeeeeeeee drum lessons but I have no clue where to call.

But I know that I have been a moody,irational at times, never wanting sex kinda wife and well I deciced that its high time I change my gears.

So, I am wanting to plan a mini marriage vows renewel .....Who wants to help me?Oh yeaha nd did I mention we have like only a  week to plan? lol

Oh yeah and very small budget { hubby and I go to Finacial Peace University every Tuesday to learn how to get out of debt!!

So who's in?


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Jun. 2, 2008 at 11:22 AM Count me in! Let me know the theme and I will find you low cost decorations and everything! I LIVE for this!

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