Do you ever watch a movie or a TV show where it is either historically based or a 'pre'qual and just wish and pray for a different ending?

For instance, I am a Tudors fan - one of my favorite characters of history is Elizabeth I. Similar to the way Charlotte on Sex and the City digs Elizabeth Taylor. Anyhoo, so I am watching the show this season and literally yelling at the TV to Anne Bolyen - don't do it girl, he's gonna cut off your head! Then your daughter won't have a mother and what will happen to her? And last night as she got her head chopped off, not only am a praying for a reprieve but I am also crying my eyes out saying how unfair it is, and if only they would save her.

Duh, her daughter becomes queen, she loses her head, Henry moves on - yet I cannot stop micro managing the characters out of concern for the life of a person that I studied in history, who lived 500+ years ago, knowing she becomes queen, just in case the little girl Elizabeth might die. Oh, and on that note, I am constantly coaching Henry VIII on how to be a good father. What is the word for that in sports? Armchair Quarterback.

Well if you think that is bad, wait till you watch Star Wars I, II, III with me. First off, that was weak that in the span of 45 minutes, he goes from Anikin Skywalker guy with chip on his shoulder, to psycho guy with no legs and is now Darth Vader - big stretch if you ask me. But my husband laughed so hard as I am crying begging Anikin to just reconsider and be patient and not become Darth Vader. I am sure there is a home for people with my syndrome, I just cannot find it.

I cannot watch the Godfather Saga, because of Fredo, I hate watching Titanic, wanna know why? The boat sinks. I know the boat sinks, I have watched the Discovery Channel, when they found the boat when I was a little girl - however, at every stop they made, I am praying for Rose and whatever that other guy's name was to get the HELL OFF THE BOAT! It sinks!

Did you watch Rome? I did. They killed Julius Cesear. He would have lived if he would have just listened to me yelling at him not to go to the Senate, but noooooo....

Remakes always send me for a loop - what if the characters don't get together in the end? What if the bad guy wins?

This syndrome is not just subject to the movies and TV - have you read the book The Red Tent? I know the fate of Jacob, his wives, his daughter, his sons, yet as I am reading the book I am trying to steer them in the right direction - Dina is happy you jealous freaks - go back to your sheep and leave her alone. The best part of that, was I always had the suspicion that Joseph was a whiner. See, I am doing it again!

So, here we are back to the Tudors and me praying that Jane gets her head chopped off, she won't. And that Elizabeth gets reinstated in the line of succession now rather than 10yrs from the now that is the show. Good golly, can we kill off Henry now? Nope. Stupid history, stupid pre'quals.

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Jun. 2, 2008 at 11:52 AM LOL, so funny.  I find myself doing this with historical type movies too.  I have watched 300 4 times in the past two days and every time I am wishing the characters would do something different.

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