Karena is a variation of Karina





Polish and Russian form of Karin and is ultimately associated with Katherine. Achieved its peak in popularity in 1996 and currently ranks among the top 300 names because of its international flair. Possibly inspired recently by Karina Smirnoff, a world champion professional dancer from Kharkiv, Ukraine who was featured on the television series, "Dancing with the Stars," in 2006 with actor Mario Lopez and in 2007 with singer and actor Billy Ray Cyrus.

 ok so this is what i found on my name........lmao pure thats funny.....as i am anything but...my middle name is Katherine..mom did this cause her name is Kathleen and she wanted her name somehow incorporated into mine....and according to this article seems she kinda gave me a good combination of first and middle name....... Karena Katherine......pure lmao thats toooo funny!! I got this name in 1966, way back when when almost noone had it.....hated it as a kid but guess its popular now!!!!!

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Jun. 2, 2008 at 7:28 PM

You are twice as pure as me!

 I'm Katelin Anne.  ;)  My name also means "pure".

 My sister just named her newborn daughter Karina.  I thought it was pretty.  :)

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