Our Family Summer Kick-off was a lot of fun yesterday!  Once we finally was on our way...it takes our family so long to get ready, get out the door, and on the road...we headed to Woodland Mound park.  We found a quiet picnic shelter to have our lunch.  It was nice. 

After we were all finished eating, we packed back up into the van to drive over to a small playground so the children could play for a bit.   Frost kept saying he was bored???  And you could see it in Arlee's face that she was too.  That's the trouble with having two different age sets...the younger ones are too young to do what the older ones want to do, or the older ones think they are too old to do what the younger ones can do!!  Can't make everyone happy all of the time I guess!

So we played for a little while on the small playset then went for a small hike through the woods.  I had Liam wearing his new monkey backpack/harness.  It was great because the trail was narrow, so he could walk in front of me and I could still "be ahold" of him so he couldn't get off the trail without having to hold his hand. 

While we were walking we played a "What's Your Favorite" game.  I would ask "what's your favorite food?" and everyone would answer.  Then Daddy asked one, and so on down the line.  It was fun, and we all got to learn about each others favorite things.  With kids, we all know their favorites change about daily...gotta get the update from time to time.

After our hike we loaded up in the van, again, for some lemonade and a brownie.  Then we headed to the other side of the park.  When we got out, we headed for the nature center.  I was hoping it would be nice and cool in there, but it wasn't as cool as I was hoping for!  The kids played around in the nature center for a bit, then we headed back outside for another hike!

After the hike, we headed for the bigger play ground.  Zachary got to go down his "hole" slides!  {the tunnel slides}  LOL!  He was really looking forward to them!  We all played around on the play sets for bit...we were all SO TIRED by now!  Whew!  It was around 7pm when we started gathering up the kids and heading for home!

Once we got home, Danny played with them in our backyard while I got our "special" dinner ready.  Ice cream sundaes!!  They were excited, but not as much as I had hoped...Arlee and Frosty said they were still so tired from the park they just couldn't "show" how excited they were...lol!  Danny kept talking about how we hadn't had a real meal all day.  I told him, "Well, haven't you heard the old saying?  The family who eats so much junk food that they are all puking together...stays together!!"  LOL!  I'm not too worried about all the junk food yesterday...it was all part of the memory making! 

I was SO tired last night when we were heading to bed!  This morning when I got up my whole body was sore!  Just a reminder of how old I am getting and how out of shape I am.  UGH!

Danny only has 3 days of training this week and then he's done!!  YEAH!  One day he will have to go in later...I'm looking forward to that day!  I wish he could do a later shift sometimes.  That way he is more on my schedule...I'm greedy like that!  Danny is more of a 2nd shift type of person anyway, but with Scouts he would end up missing all the meetings and stuff.  So that won't work.  I'm sure he would love to be able to sleep in a little later though.  I would love to actually be able to get up with him in the mornings.  I just can't get up that early.

Well, I guess I better get started on my goals for today.  Lots to get done today!

Thanks for stopping in.....Have a GREAT day, Everyone!

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Jun. 2, 2008 at 11:22 AM

Sounds like you had a great day! Isn't it funny how you think kids will be excited about something and they are not as excited as you would have thought? I guess that is a kid for you!!

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Jun. 2, 2008 at 11:45 AM Your day really sounds like it was great!!  Love the day long junk food idea!!  We never do that and it would be great to do once in a while!!

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Jun. 2, 2008 at 12:13 PM

sometimes our plans are better in our heads...lol

hope no one puked..i was afraid you jenks urself by saying that!  

glad he's almost done!  and     WE'RE NOT OLD 

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