My name is latin for princess. And I love it. When I was three I would stop strangers to tell them: Hi, wanna know what my name means? It means princess.

I wish we all spoke more latin, that way when I am walking down the street - you wouldn't here plain old Sarah (spelled the right way, with the H that is required to spell Sarah) you would hear: Hi Princess, how was your day? Hi Princess, would you like some bon bons? Hey Princess, did you iron my shirts? Princess, your grandmother needs you to come over and fix her computer. Hey Princess, the kids toliet is clogged. Hello, Princess, this is Visa, your payment is 10 days past due on your account with the $250 balance. It goes on and on, my princess accolades...

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Jun. 2, 2008 at 11:46 AM

all hail the princess!


i'm sure in some alien language, melinda means Princess, and my royal crown is a garage sale Pope hat.

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