My mother in law had this in her home when my husband was a little bitty boy,then she had it in her retiremnet home when she had alzeheimers .We tried to sale it at a antique store and I am so glad it didnt sale as it is from my husbands childhood and I have found a old black and white pic of him sitting on his knees at the kitchen table with it hanging in the background.Now it hangs in our room.A master piece maybe not to most but it was  my beautiful mother in law's Evah and she would be thrilled we have it back.

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Jun. 2, 2008 at 11:23 AM But it IS beautiful! OH the beautiful color scheme you could pull out of that picture for a room! That gorgeous teal and green from the grass, mixed with the browns and greys... that would be a very restful, spa like color scheme! And then you have a big ol' 4 poster bed, and get a bunch of Tulle, and make a canopy, with it, and the bedding is all in muted greens and blues with some brown trim, use dark woods, with the light blue/gray/green fabrics and paints... oh it would be beautiful!

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