Ok read this online today ..I would not be able to handle what this couple is doing.I would go crazy myself .

 Couple vows they'll never be more than 15 feet apart

What if rain or shine, no matter what, you and your partner, well, never parted? That is the case with Michael Roach, 55, and two decades younger Christie McNally, two Buddhist teachers who are literally attached at the spiritual hip, so to speak, and took vows to never be more than 15 feet away from each other. Oh and P.S.: They're celibate, too.

In fact, believe it or not, according to an article that profiles them in the New York Times, it's that whole celibacy song and dance that actually makes them a controversial couple within the traditional Buddhist religion. Roach is one of a handful of Westerners who trained in the same Tibetan Buddhist tradition as the Dalai Lama, and became a monk in 1983. The problem: Monks must take strict vows of celibacy, and living with a woman, no matter whether they claim to be celibate or not, is a scandal. However, the couple claims that in order to attract more followers, their traditions must appeal to Westerners who might otherwise be turned off by any hint of gender divide within the religion. Hmm... Sounds suspicious to me, but anyway...

So how do they cope with that sticky old 15 feet rule? Half of the year, it's fairly simple, since they both live in a tiny, 22-foot yurt (or tent) in the middle of the Arizona desert, where they read books at the same time and follow each other like shadows. (They first moved there to do a silent retreat, so from 2000-2003, they lived in complete, silence and meditation.)Things do get a bit more complicated when they travel. For example, if they can't get seats next to each other on a plane, they simply refuse to board. If one gets up to go to the bathroom, the other must follow and stand outside the door. Creepy much?

I'm sorry, and I love my partner like the dickens, but I think we could both agree that this sounds like an absolute nightmare, or perhaps the setup for some crazy reality TV show. Obviously, you gotta admire that code of ethics. But still, even many devout Buddhists claim this behavior is too extreme. Thoughts people!?

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Jun. 2, 2008 at 11:27 AM I spent 18 months away from my husband - while he was deployed - and wished he were home every second of every day - BUT - there is no way in the world I want him within 15 feet of me ALL the time.  We would both go nuts.  I admire perseverance and that type of mental strength - but shew!!!! 

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