We went to the Zoo yesterday. It was very warm outside, so the animals were tired and were taking a nap. Not so much action. Animals are difficult to take Pictures of. It's not easy to get a Picture that you can say....cute!!!....adorable.....WOW.....fantastic.....

Many Pictures can just look boring. I took a lot of pictures.

We forgot our sun hood for the Lens....that was a bummer. But some Pictures came out very well...i just corrected the Curves (Photoshop) on it a little, that's all.

Oz had so much fun!!!! He was like running around and laughing and doing his cute Monster noises. I was so surprised!!! This Weekend was very social for us. Saturday we had a Friend over with her two kids. One is just 2 Month older then Oz and one is only 3 Month old. Oz needs to have some Play-dates now. Oz and the other Toddler had so much fun! They were giggling and running! It was fun to watch. Also Os touched the little Baby sometimes and he was so gentle with it. He also shared a lot...gave his toys to the other one! He surprised me with all of that!!! And yesterday at the Zoo, he was talking to every kid that was standing next to him to look at the animal. His so social! I'm so happy about that! We had fun at the Zoo. We went there with new Friends. We all got very tired with walking around and stuff. The Zoo it self was not that great. I mean it has a lot of Animals, but the space that they have to live in was small. To small for this big Zoo. It was a big Zoo. But there to much Zoo stores and rest arias and to much stuff for visitors. They should make more for the Animals then for the Visitors! Well The most important thing is...Oz had so much fun! And that makes the day perfect for me.

 When you look close you can see the Orange that the this man throws into the elephants mouth

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Jun. 2, 2008 at 11:43 AM

You got some good ones! I can't wait to get my new camera. Mine are not so great. I was just about to post them.

By the way, Oz's monster noises crack me up! What a fun boy! 

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Jun. 2, 2008 at 12:02 PM owww i like!!! im glad you guys had a nice wkend!!! and thats great oz is social.. thats always a good thing... he is going to have lots of friends when he is older!!! i cant wait to have play dates for zay!!! i love all the pictures from the zoo, they look professional!!!

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Jun. 2, 2008 at 12:06 PM wow those are some awesome photos! we gotta take logan to the zoo too!

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