Chicky, Chicky

Well, we are adding some members to our farm family. Baby chicks! We actually added them last Sunday. Yes, that beautiful day....which turned into a stormy night! So...I was out at 4:30am trying to cover them up and keep them from drowning, only to find one had already gone. I think it was the one in this first pic. It was the smallest of the 10.

You may be asking yourself why on earth I would take a pic of the waterer....let me explain.

My dear husband went to the old barn in search of a watering can for the chickens. He comes back with this glass, original chicken watering jar. Wow. As he walks up he says to me, "Now this is why and when it pays to be a Dalrymple." LOLOL!!! Those of you who know us well know that my dear husband is a packrat, although I think with each generation it gets a little better....from what I've seen and heard anyway, LOL! This was his GREAT GRANDMOTHER'S!!! Apparently there were many of them, but as a small boy, he and his brother broke the rest (shame, shame!). It took a while, but I worked the lid off and cleaned it up and it works wonderfully ! Ah, to be a Dalrymple! Just what is she trying to do? Not sure myself!
This is the prettiest of the bunch, IMO.
This one was near death the next morning, so we brought it in and put it in a box in a warm place. Throughout the day it livened up, but that night before I went to bed, I went to check on it and it was dead. :0(

That put us at 8, but as of this morning, we are down to 7. :0( I have no idea what happened to the one that's vanished!

She's such a nuzzler! :0)

Even though it shows how badly our grass needed mowing at the time, I think this is my favorite picture. (and it's been mowed since then, anyway, LOL!)

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Jun. 2, 2008 at 4:30 PM Are you raising them for eggs or for food? Just curious. I grew up with chickens adn we butchered them at least 1-2x per year. It was nasty and I hated the dead headless chickens running around, but it was also a great day to get together with cousins and throw nasty stuff at each other! LOL!

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Jun. 2, 2008 at 10:09 PM Well, dh said he didn't know what he really wanted to do...just wanted some chickens.  I think that we should butcher them, because chicken is more expensive than eggs.  Wouldn't that make sense?  LOL  I'm not sure though...we have been playing with them a lot.  I don't know if I could kill one, now!  LOL

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Jun. 2, 2008 at 11:42 PM Ohhhh, Lauren would love to come visit!  She LOVES baby chicks.  They got to watch some hatch in her Kindergarten class, and she was fascinated with the whole process.

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